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Award-winning Still Cider mixed case  (12 x 500ml)

Award-winning Still Cider mixed case (12 x 500ml)

A mixed selection of Dry, Medium and Sweet Still Cider (4 bottles of each)

All of our ciders in this mixed case are pressed from fresh dabinett apples.  The Dabinett is a vintage quality bittersweet cider apple that possess all the qualities to make a fine single-variety cider.  Our Dry Cider has a vinous quality which lends itself to pairings with cheese, fish or chicken: a lower alcohol alternative wherever a dry white wine might be used. It has a clean taste profile with a long tannic finish which allows the apple flavour to sing through. Our Medium Still Cider is a full bodied medium still cider where sugars and tannins are balanced to give a highly enjoyable experience with a long smooth clean finish. Ideal for drinking anytime.  Our Sweet Still Cider is a refreshing sweet still cider bursting with a full apple flavour. Clean tasting. Serve chilled. Perfect pint for a summer day! Serve chilled. 6.5% ABV. Price includes shipping to UK. 

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